Non-veg Dirty Whatspp status to Share Some Adult Jokes To Frnds

This post of mine has some great hindi non-veg sexy jokes and witty short liners to share on whatsapp in messages or on status updates, we have some really clever doable jokes shared in this post and it will defiantly laugh the person reading your status -

A Whatsapp status is something that sometimes define your nature or your attitude within your friend circle and within your family. Putting quotes of day to day lives or song lines gives an idea to the people you are in touch about how you are and what are you feeling at the moment. Putting something like a non-veg joke is probably not a good idea. But still if you do want to break the rules sometimes and don't care what people think of you then you can put a couple of vulgar sides of jokes as your Whatsapp status.

 After sex- Boy: Jaaneman ab tumhe woh hoga duniya jise baby kahti hai.Girl: Ab tumhe woh hoga duniya jise HIV AIDS kehti hai.

 A husband and wife are trying to set up a new password for their computer. The husband puts, "MypenIs," and the wife falls on the ground laughing because on the screen it says, "Error. Not long enough."

 Unexpected sex – that’s a great way to wake up. If you are not in a prison…

 GF-- जानू आज कटप्पा बन जाओ नाBF-- मतलबGF--मतलब यह कि.
:पीछे से मारो ना

 HIV AIDS awareness campaign -"Before you pump, cover your stump.Don't be silly protect your bully.."

 Wife : I want divorceHusband : Plz baby, Let the summer come.                                                                                                    

 Girl:- शादी के बाद हमदोनों हनीमून पर दुबई चलेंगे न ??Pappu :- बेबीहमें पानी निकालना है तेल नही.

 Relationship Status -My Right Hand told Me: - "Bhai, Girlfriend Bana Le Koi,Kab Tak Mujhe Se Kaam Chalayega"

"A condom's expiry date can be a manufacturing date for someone "....
That's all...

 Son: Dad, are mermaids lady or fish?
Dad: It depends, if you are horny or Hungry.                                                                                                

A vulgar joke is something that you cannot share with your Family or also with friends who are women. It's something only meant for Guys. This is because the subjects of the jokes mainly revolve around Sex and sex alone.The theme of these jokes are to make them Non-veg to such extent that they will make you laugh out loud or make you think about it in your mind while it tickles your funny bone. They are full of sexual innuendos and vulgar remarks, That may be offensive to some people but are definitely rib-tickling. They are full of taboo content that people cannot say in their real life, but nonveg jokes definitely make them laugh about it.
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